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Beyond The Basics

While many alternatives aim for basic industry standards, our gateway boasts a fortified operating system and strong security features. This allows it to exceed typical norms and offer unmatched security designed for utility infrastructures.


One-Way Assurance

Our NGXS Gateway is engineered to deliver a steadfast unidirectional data transfer system, making it a prime choice for securing SCADA systems in the utilities realm. With the assurance that data flows solely in one direction, we minimize risks of unauthorized breaches and cyber incursions.


Optimized Cybersecurity

Benefit from cybersecurity solutions that are held in high regard by the defense sector. Our products, grounded in top-tier defense protections, are expertly crafted for OT, ICS, and SCADA systems crucial to the utilities industry.

Designed for superior defense


High-Speed Performance

With our 10Gbps interfaces, our unidirectional gateway guarantees that utilities networks operate seamlessly without trading off security. The dual-speed channels are particularly essential for instantaneous monitoring and control in utility services.


Robust Network Segregation

Maintain a firm division between OT and IT networks, enabling the IT framework to oversee utility systems without jeopardizing the operational or security framework of the OT environment.


Flexible Defense Mechanisms

Whether you’re managing water, electric, or waste management networks, our gateway is primed for smooth integration. Its versatile character ensures compatibility across diverse utility network designs and architectures.


Hierarchical Access Control

Advanced administrative tools are in place to guarantee that only credentialed individuals have the capacity to alter gateway configurations. This added layer fortifies the defense of your utility infrastructures.


Tamper-Proof Design

The NGXS Gateway is integrated with inherent intrusion detection and specialized protection mechanisms, offering an additional security tier for your SCADA and OT infrastructures. Its resistance to both cyber and physical meddling ensures operational integrity.


Guided Integration and Support

Switching to our gateway solution is a breeze. Our specialized support team assists throughout the journey, from initial set-up to everyday operation, making certain that your systems are impenetrable and efficient.

Utility Standards

Our gateway’s distinguished EAL 4+ certification offers a marked edge in contexts demanding strict compliance in the Utilities sector. 

This universally esteemed certification attests to the fact that our gateway stands resilient after rigorous scrutiny, aligning with international benchmarks for data safety and secure data transitions.

Integrating a gateway that boasts the EAL 4+ certification could bolster your institution’s claim of employing the finest security mechanisms, potentially streamlining regulatory reviews and verifications.

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